Gear2Home Studio Recording

Until my latest project, I've recorded everything in a home or office studio.
Currently my office also serves as practice and recording space.  It's tricked out with extra insulation, acoustic foam, and all my toys.
The recent software upgrades required a new computer, so now with a smoking fast processor and more gigs of RAM than my first six computer hard drives combined, here are some of the nifty tools that I can play with:

Sonar Platinum
Komplete 9
Native Instruments, digital sample library
Band in a Box 2014 with Real Tracks
Finale V25
Yamaha P90 digital piano, MIDI Controller
Benson Audio ND 90 and Sennheiser Evolution Microphones
Edirol UA-25 24bit/96kHZ Audio Capture Module
Audient iD14 high performance audio interface
Focal studio monitors... and more.

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