Gear2Home Studio Recording

Until my latest project, I've recorded everything in a home or office studio.
Currently my office also serves as practice and recording space.  It's tricked out with extra insulation, acoustic foam, and all my toys.
The recent software upgrades required a new computer, so now with a smoking fast processor and more gigs of RAM than my first six computer hard drives combined, here are some of the nifty tools that I can play with:

Sonar Platinum
Komplete 9
Native Instruments, digital sample library
Band in a Box 2014 with Real Tracks
Finale V25
Yamaha P90 digital piano, MIDI Controller
Benson Audio ND 90 and Sennheiser Evolution Microphones
Edirol UA-25 24bit/96kHZ Audio Capture Module
Audient iD14 high performance audio interface
Focal studio monitors... and more.

No musician is complete without appropriate tools of the trade.
I've been lucky to acquire some really amazing instruments over a few decades.  Some are family heirlooms, some have some fun stories about how I came by them - but each have been needed and used in appropriate settings.  I couldn't possibly part with any of them...

Guild X-170 natural flame finish (Westerly, RH)
Gibson ES137 C slim hollow body (blue)
* with hard mounted GK3 MIDI pickup
Godin SD (lacewood - discontinued edition) solid body 
Godin Multiac ACS-Slim nylon string - w/ MIDI out
Fender Duo Sonic II (1964)
Regal Resonator Acoustic/Electric
Gibson L-0 flat top acoustic (1927)
Fender "Rustler" six string banjo - tar.

And Strings...
Seriously.  If you're not a player, you won't get this paragraph...

Thomastik-Infeld GB112 - George Benson (flat wound)
Thomastik-Infeld JS112 - Jazz / Swing (flat wound)
Thomastik-Infeld BB113 - Jazz / Bebop (round wound)
D'Addario Pro-Arte EJ46
D'Addario EXL115

You don't always play "clean."
Guitarists LOVE their effects!  There are more than a thousand different pedals available, and the perfect sound - at least to your own ear - is a Holy Grail and lifetime journey...

At the moment, these are ones that meet my needs.

Vox Tonelab le pedal
Line 6 Pod HD
Roland GR20 Guitar Synth
Alber DD 100 and CH 300 effects pedals
Vintage Morely Super Wah (circa early 70's)
Boss and Digitech looping pedals
Digitech Vocalist 4 Live - vocal expression pedal

The Big Sound - Amps
So I admit to being a gear-a-holic...  Once I have some equipment, I'm loathe to sell it.  Of course through trial and error over the years, I've sold many more amps than I've kept, but here are the ones that found a permanent home in my collection.

Polytone Mini Brute 
Henricksen R110 Jazz Amp
Twinkat by JazzKat Amps
Gretsch Chet Atkins "Country Gentleman" (1959) by Danelectro
Tubeworks TD-742 (Original B.K. Butler) Tube Driver
Carvin AG100D 3 channel combo amp
Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP

Here's something cool - Steve Robinett recently gave me the Rogue MPM 504 four channel powered mixer combo amp that belonged to Jack Gilfoy.  After leaving Henry Mancini's band, Jack settled in Indianapolis and started The Naptown Five.  It predates the Musician's Friend store brand and possibly has a one digit serial number.
(it's scratched)

The one that got away...
Had an early 80's Fender Ultra Chorus for several years that developed a "gremlin."
My repairman said that rolling it down the street or sidewalk on hard castors eventually created micro-fractures on the circuit boards...
Fender made an "Ultimate Chorus," but it wasn't the same.
I'm still on the lookout...