"Music, Mayhem and Motivation"

 is a work in progress...

Music is the destination of a journey that begins with Mayhem and requires Motivation.

We've had fun talking with musicians, following beginning students and even learning how music can help people cope with life's difficulties.
Now it's time to ask you for YOUR story.  Please click the contact tab and jot me a note.

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All music comes from the heart, but jazz performance also requires serious dedication.  
A commitment to learn, practice, take lessons, buy books, and get out on the scene gives one the tools to succeed not only in music - but in managing life as well.
We can learn quite a bit from talking to musicians about how they handle it all.  We can also be seriously entertained by some really cool people.

Here’s a story...

Nine years ago I started the Lafayette, IN Celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month with a weekly Jam Session during April. We used resources available to us through The Smithsonian as well as corporate and private donations.  Then we branched out into student clinics and performances and created a "Hall of Fame."  One year we organized 11 different performances with over 150 participants!  Now it’s one of the community’s most anticipated annual events and has expanded to include weekly Jam Sessions during the month of October as well!

I’m interested in your story!  Contact me if you’ve been “moving and shaking” in your community. We can arrange an interview for the podcast, chat about your experiences, ask your advice to other musicians, and help Live Jazz continue to grow and thrive.
You can even record and send me your story - I'll post it.

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