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Instrumental music, cover tunes with vocals, and dance beats for swing, latin, and ballroom are available.  Custom groups can be created for your needs with flexible prices. Weddings, Special Events, Private Parties, Clubs, Restaurants and more.  Choose from Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul and More...
It's really quite easy to pick what you like and make your event unique!

Need Music? Please jot me a note.
I've written music for film, television, video games, marching bands and more.
I also do custom arranging if you need horn charts or help with your original musical projects.

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But wait, there’s more…

I started in my teens with an amazing string of teachers, professors, peers, friends, and fellow musicians who have helped me learn and grow as a composer.  That includes William Tennant, Bobby Davidson, Tom Fulton, Chet Baush and more recently Scott Pazera, Matt Conaway, Mark Buselli and Brent Wallarab.
I’m very pleased with the music I’m writing for my next CD. It’s a level beyond what I’ve done so far.
As you listen to the Dr. Will’s Neighborhood Podcasts or watch Newswire L.A. on Los Angeles cable channel 36, you’re hearing my work.
So if you are in a spot where you need some music custom written for your needs – you should definitely drop me a note. I’ll be happy to help!

Just like performing - the important thing is to practice. I believe it’s entirely possible that I’ve written over 500 original pieces for all sorts of reasons – the specifics are on my bio page.  The short list includes my own and other musicians’ albums, commercials, video games, film and television…

A moment of digression…
As a kid, I was captivated and astounded by television themes. The Jetsons? – unbelievable. Johnny Quest? – No one else has come close!!!
What 13 year old knows Raymond Scott, Alexander Courage, Hoyt Curtain, Neal Hefti, Mike Post, and Dmitri Tiomkin? Me! I’m a total music nerd.

The AMAZING thing about music is that you NEVER peak!!!
At 93 years old, Pablo Casals was asked why he still practiced 4 hours a day. He replied, “Because I believe I’m making progress.”
When you’re willing to practice – when you’ve learned *how* to practice – you will always get better.
Isn’t that incredible?