Brent Laidler - jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, performer, clinician, radio host and small business owner

Month November 2020

Livin’ the dream

A good friend once told me that if you want music to stay fun, don’tever try to make your living at it.  I’m happy to say that it’s still fun!!! I’m a composer, arranger and musician with a day job… My “side” career so… Continue Reading →

No Matter Where Noir – the album and the future experimental theater

 Miami – 1959 “Hello?”“Oh Good, you’re still there!”Her voice was a well modulated but somewhat breathless alto with an accent I couldn’t place.“So what can I do for you?”“Your ad in the phone book says you specialize in missing persons,… Continue Reading →

Music, Mayhem and Motivation – Making the best of situations

Music is an activity that teaches more than reading and playing notes. To be successful you also need many other important life skills including discipline, teamwork, self awareness, responsibility, organization and vision. Every musician, no matter how skilled they eventually… Continue Reading →

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