L.A. Jazz Scene by Doc Wendell

“Wouldn’t Be Here Without you is a magnificent guitar-based jazz album that has something for every jazz lover and that showcase Laidler’s melodic and masterful guitar work as well as his gift as an imaginative composer. Laidler and company also have a wide range of styles. Their bossa nova pieces are beautifully crafted and are definitely album highlights.”

All About Jazz by Patrick Barnette

“Laidler is a guitarist in the mainstream, pure-tone school of guitarists. No effects pedals or studio trickery, just the clear ringing tone familiar from Charlie Christian forward. His playing is not so much laid back as unruffled and sunny. Laidler has a knack (rare among jazzers) of writing hummable, memorable melodies. If you’re looking for jazz that soothes and relaxes without ever tipping over into “lite” or “smooth” territory (or, heaven forfend, ASMR noodling), Wouldn’t Be Here Without You should punch your ticket. And let’s hear it for the evolutionary humor on the cover!”


JazzWeekly by George Harris

“An upbeat and swinging session with material that has that classic Cannonball Adderley soul groove feel.”

Jazz Music Archives by John Sanders

“Looking for some jazz that’s all about the groove and plenty of soul to go around, Brent Laidler’s “Wouldn’t be Here without You” may be the fix you are looking for. Ten original tunes that vary from Latin jazz to hard bop and blues, with all of them having that intangible quality that some call ‘catchy’.  One top number is “Sunday Mood”, with its noire crime jazz sound. Another top number is “City by the Bay”, with its mysterious mood that is based on the image of a midnight dessert caravan finally spotting its distant destination. All of the tracks on here are great and could easily find a place on contemporary jazz radio.”


Exciting eclectic originals Brent Laidler – WOULDN’T BE HERE WITHOUT YOU:  Here’s a brand new artist for me… guitarist Brent is joined by Mark Buselli on trumpet and flugelhorn, Ned Boyd on saxophones and flute, Jamie Newman on organ, Scott Pazera playing bass and Richard “Sleepy” Floyd doing percussion, and the result is ten exciting eclectic originals that will thrill jazz lovers all around the world.

I give Brent and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.

“A brilliant, blues and bossa infused new album, Wouldn’t Be Here Without You. Laidler’s fluid, richly soulful guitar is a dominant thread throughout and he shines on his briskly played, all too brief solos on tunes like the snappy and exotic “You Aint’ the Bossa Me” and the moody, impressionistic ‘City By The Way.’”


“A simply a flat-out enjoyable set… A joyous gasser, this is a celebration of it being 5 p.m. somewhere in the world—or a call to shut down your Zoom. Solid.”


“Brent Laidler’s guitar playing is joyous and lively. The album’s title track is another of its highlights, with that delicious bass line and fantastic work on guitar.”