Miami – 1959

“Oh Good, you’re still there!”
Her voice was a well modulated but somewhat breathless alto with an accent I couldn’t place.
“So what can I do for you?”
“Your ad in the phone book says you specialize in missing persons, are you good at it?”
“I’d like to think so. So who’s missing and how long have they been gone?”
“Me. I mean… I don’t know.”
Most ‘Persons’ cases start out pretty simple. This didn’t seem to be one of them…

 “No Matter Where Noir” featuring Mark Buselli and Ned Boyd – Available June 1st 2017

#12 NACC Jazz Top 30 (7/29/17) 
#22 Roots Music Report Jazz Top 50 (7/29/17)
#15 Top Jazz Albums Released First Half of 2017 – WHPK Chicago

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“Laidler’s band brings just the right emotional pitch to the noir material, deadly serious and seriously playful!  Always game for new musical adventures, Brent takes a thrilling trip down a dark alley with No Matter Where Noir, an album that makes an incontrovertible case for the enduring allure of the dark side.” ~ Andrew Gilbert (Berkeleyside) 

“Rarely has a concept album got it so so right but Laidler with his compositions and his playing is on the money.” ~ Lance Liddle “Bebop Spoken Here” UK

“It’s really a fine piece of work. As I said to you, maybe a couple of years ago, your composing has really gotten so much richer and this is by far your best work yet.  Of course, the musicianship is first rate. This is truly an all-star band by any measure.” ~ Don Seybold “Inside Jazz” WBAA

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